Save As Expressly Provided In This Agreement

Original: “Unless otherwise stated in this Constitution, meetings of executive officials are set exclusively by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.” In other words: “The Chairman of the Board of Directors may convene meetings of executive officials. In Section X, Subsection 1, and Section XII, paragraph 4, only the other conditions are set for a meeting of executive officials.” Note that you don`t need to ask yourself where “as expected” is written. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy this URL and insert it into your RSS reader. There is no automatic translation of micro-pieces from legalese to plain English, and optimal reformulation should take into account the entire sentence and intent of the instruction/clause. This special excerpt is usually used to mean “Except as,” so you could simply do this revision. The problem is that this probably also bad wording from the point of view of legal heaviness, since the “Save as” must be associated with a contrasting qualifier as usual, elsewhere, explicitly. Here is an example of a translation from legal to normal English. There is a line “Register as stipulated in this Constitution… ». And I think everyone who wrote this must have had 10 coffees, because it`s pitifully presumptuous.

I am working with a group of colleagues on an organization constitution of the NFP – we are very small. Any suggestions for a simpler opening? Perhaps there is a legal reason for such a language and should it remain? Law Stack Exchange is a question-and-answer site for lawyers, students and others who have experience or interest in law. Registration lasts only one minute.

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