Vodafone Airtime Agreement

The minimum price due under the agreement is the sum of line rental taxes due for the minimum period (plus one-time departure fees). We will send you a monthly (for the coming month) bill for line rent and other service charges, unless we tell you something else. This means that you have to pay the rent of the line and other fees for each month of this agreement, whether or not you use your SIM card. We can accept the payment using methods other than the levy, but we will charge you a fee each month. Direct O2 customers are offered at 30-day broadcast hours. However, O2 has not made specific commitments to give lower prices to those who have purchased contracts and mobile phones through third parties, such as Carphone Warehouse, which make up the vast majority. They will discuss the application of these rebates during the year, until non-contract notifications are in effect. a You can ask us for information on how we use your data for credit verification and fraud prevention when you enter into this agreement. We will also publish to credit and fraud prevention agencies the details of your agreement with us, including any change of address, payments, payments you make, bank balances, payments, disputes and requests.

We and other organizations may use this information to make decisions about other credit claims made by you or other members of your household with whom you are financially connected, and to protect our business and customers from fraudulent activity. We can also use all the information we hold to track requests and evaluate requests. If you do not pay us in full and on time, we can notify the credit agencies that will register the debt. You are doing something (or let it happen) that we believe could damage or affect the operation of the network; Within seven days of being asked in writing, do not do anything fundamental that you must do under this agreement (z.B. pay the fee if they are due); or we are not able to provide you with the services on a permanent basis. (b) We may modify or withdraw services at any time and make changes to this Agreement at any time or introduce new conditions. We will notify you of these changes at least 30 days in advance if we do so and you may have the right to terminate this agreement in accordance with paragraph 11. c We can terminate this agreement at any time by writing to you if three have not signed the contract. It`s very disturbing. This contract applies to your SIM card and the protocols, texts, data and other services you use.

This agreement does not apply to the purchase or maintenance of mobile devices that we have made available to you. If your mobile devices no longer work, are lost or stolen, you must still comply with this agreement and pay the monthly line rental fee until the end of the contract. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you must also pay all user fees and other charges until you tell us it has been lost or stolen. Overall, good progress has been made this year, but it is clear that some mobile operators are trying more than others to change their minds with their customers. It is true that it is not always easy to decide which SIM SENDseconds should be converted to at the end of their lifespan, especially since the available plans can evolve over the duration of these contracts, but others have shown that this is not an insurmountable obstacle. E-mail: ccare.webmails@help.vodafone.co.uk Phone: 0333 3040 191 Fax: 0870 1616 500. Update October 2009 Most mobile network operators offer consumers the choice of an ONLY SIM plan (i.e.. You only pay for the text/data/calls or mobile broadband plan of your choice) or choose a package with a mobile (plane plan).

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